These are all my original written articles. Hope you like them! Enjoy!

All articles

Here is a list of them:

#ChatWithRTA in Twitter

Humidity levels in the UAE

Gitex Shopper celebrates 25 years

Uber and SPG in Dubai

My own thoughts on the refugee / migrant crises

Barbie at Mall of the Emirates

UAE fuel prices hiked up starting 1st August 2015

Jekah’s Travel Adventures

Video technology – 360 degree virtual reality

Essential OFW Guide to UAE

Jollibee in Dubai Mall

Natural calamities

#Hashtag trending challenges

Global passport


Sniffles season

What drones can do

Reading memories

11th Dubai International Film Festival 2014

It’s time for an uncomfortable conversation | The National

Death penalty still the norm?

Get Active

When neuroscience meet education

Radio for kids

Royal for a day

Baby cured of HIV for the first time

It’s only 5 mins, let’s wash to a new year


Summer blues…

Happy Holidays

Divorce rises up

Unclean H2O = price of someone’s life

Revolution of TV


What is Respect?

The ‘Right’ Choice

iPod allowed in exams?

Botox at 8 years old?!

Facebook Era

Catastrophe in Japan



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