The ‘Right’ Choice

I was watching ‘Dangerous Minds‘ today. It’s an old movie, released around 1995, I think. It starred Michelle Pfeiffer. She was an ex-marine who was going through a rough divorce and needed a new job for a change. She decided to take up a job as a teacher in a public school. Her class consisted of kids who came from broken families or problematic families. I remember watching it for the first time when I was still young and I thought when I get to high school, things would be how it was shown on this movie. However, now that I am in University, I realized it isn’t always like that. I would say I was lucky enough to get into a good high school. My parents made sure I surrounded myself with the right crowd. Of course there were instances where I would get into trouble but they were petty troubles within the school only and not outside like in the movie ‘Dangerous Minds’.

I realized after watching this movie that people have this mentality of taking the easy way out for everything. For example if one would like to get money to get something, they would rob a bank or steal it, etc. However, a lot of people take it for granted that there are other possibilities to get what they wanted. This movie was a reflection of reality at that time however, if you look around you, these particular things are still happening. Why is that so? Even after portraying it in a movie, why do people still continue to do those things? Is it because they are mentally challenged? I don’t think so. I think they are just lazy.

What is the ‘right’ choice? It’s usually getting the right outcome at then end of the day, is the right choice. It’s partly right, I guess. Choosing the right path to get what you want ,and not just getting what you want but getting something unexpected at the end of the day is the right choice. I didn’t know how else to explain this but it made more sense to me now. A good example would be me getting into trouble, I solved my big problem by solving all the small problems first, one by one. Eventually, the big problem became a small problem which was good. When I was younger, I admit that I use to do things tactlessly and always do things without thinking. However I realized that I wasted time as each time I did tactless doings, I ended up being stuck or going backward rather than going forward in life.


Do Schools Encourage Conformity

After reading one of my friend’s post (link below), I actually decided to write down my own opinions on this topic. It’s a very wide topic to be discussed. I’m just going to write what I personally feel from my own experience. I don’t want to sound biased.


My whole life, I went to school in uniforms and I grew up thinking that wearing the uniform is part of going to school. It’s just how it is. However as I grew up I learned that other schools in certain countries, usually Western countries, have no school uniforms in their schools. As an early teenager, I used to get excited if my own school had a non-uniform day which happens around once in a blue moon. My friends and I would be excited as to how to dress up on that particular day. Later on as I graduated from high school, I started my College life. I even got more excited as there’s no more uniforms at all. However I realized that I miss wearing uniforms. I missed my high school life where I’d get into trouble for not wearing my own uniform properly or for not wearing it at all to school.


I know that dressing up allows people to get on their creative side. To some extent I agree on this, however, not always. I’m a media student and having studied in a media college for about a year now, how one dresses up doesn’t really affect one’s creativeness or personality . Of course there are many people who would dress up going to college but they do not get good grades for dressing up fashionably or sexily. It’s your own projects and assignments that gives you the grades. I don’t even bother dressing up for my classes. Usually I wear slippers, old shirt and any pants available that I can find at that very moment. Of course if there was a presentation, dress to impress is part of the grade. That’s about the only time I would usually dress up in college.


In high school, I feel that wearing uniforms actually helps the student’s personality grow to a much a mature level. If one doesn’t have to worry as to what to wear every single day to school, then his or her brain will be less strained. It will focus more on the academic and school activities. Peer pressure has been one very common brain straining for many teenagers. I went through it in high school and I’m still going through it in college too. Having to think what to wear to school will make certain individuals be isolated from the whole school. With school uniforms enforced in the school, I feel there’s of a less of peer pressure on this. However, bullies and academic pressure will always be present in all high schools. The differences among different schools are the disciplinarian acts carried out.


How about you? What do you think?


Do Schools Encourage Conformity by Yoan