Touching lives

I recently received a package from someone who I interviewed earlier this year. She gave me the right gift at the right time. I have been getting sick on and off lately.


Desiree Vlekken, founder of 4get-me-not, gifted me a lavender oil scented relaxing pillow. I couldn’t have asked for a more appropriate gift at the moment except I wasn’t expecting anything at all from the start.


Hand made relaxing pillow from Desiree Vlekken

Every person who I have met have left an impact on me personally which I have previously mentioned. However, this time I was taken a back as Vlekken said that I helped her moved on from something which she thought she could not move on from. I feel happy to hear that she has moved on and is happier now. I am proud of her too for taking the step of getting back on track and to be honest she did it herself.


Check out to know more about Vlekken’s organisation. It is a non-profit organisation dedicated to spreading awareness about Alzheimers, a condition that can happen to anyone regardless of race or age.


Thank you again Vlekken. I really appreciated the kind gesture you have done. Now you have touched my life too with the right gift at the right time in my life.


Humidity levels in the UAE

It is now October, Fall season for some countries but not for UAE. It is however the time where the temperature changes from the blazing Summer to prepare itself to a cool Winter. Over the past few weeks, there has been numerous reports and posts on social media that the thick fog in the mornings are at zero visibility at times. This is dangerous for carpools to people rushing to work. There has been accidents due to this.

Abu Dhabi weather forecast from National Centre for Meteorology and Seismology

Abu Dhabi weather forecast from National Centre for Meteorology and Seismology

The fog usually isn’t present during midday but during dawn or early mornings. It has been reported and forecasted by the National in August that the humidity levels are going to be very high, at 75%. Let’s look at how high it has reached today.

Dubai weather forecast from the National Centre for Meteorology and Seismology

Dubai weather forecast from the National Centre for Meteorology and Seismology

You can see from the two pictures above that the humidity level differences are very far away in numbers. Both Abu Dhabi and Dubai are at humidity levels ranging from 25% to 90%. This causes thick fog blanketing the city roads.

Other than the visibility problems, respiratory health problems also occurs. Here is a report on the said problem by The National last month.

High humidity puts the body’s cardiovascular system under increased strain, placing heart disorder patients at higher risk.

Dr Ahmed El Hakim, a senior adviser to pharmaceutical firm Cinfa, said: “When temperatures rise, the body works hard to maintain a normal temperature of about 37°C.

“This is done through radiating the heat away from the body, and evaporating sweat molecules.

“Both of these natural methods of cooling down require the heart to pump faster and harder to eliminate the heat, and are made more difficult with high humidity levels.

“While people with normally functioning hearts can more easily adapt to these changes, cardiovascular disease patients must take precautionary measures to ensure their hearts are able to cope with the added strain.”

Warning signs of heat-related health problems include nausea, vomiting, fatigue, headache, disorientation and muscle twitches. If any of these symptoms appear, the sufferer must immediately be transferred to a cooler place and drink cold water. If the symptoms persist, professional advice must be sought.

Even though the temperature is cooling down now in the UAE, residents still need to drink plenty of water to keep their bodies cool and at the right temperature. The sudden changes of humidity levels will give a shock to the body leaving it helpless to normalize the body, making the person ill.

Sniffles season

It has been a few weeks now that a lot of people have caught the bug, the infamous sniffles. It is that time of the year again. However, this time many people have been hit so bad that they ended up getting to the hospital to be nursed back to health. Many doctors, general practitioners to be more precised, are probably reciting the same line each time a new patient enters their clinic. Why is the sniffles so easy to catch yet hard to beat?

One of the main reason is because everyone do not take the right amount of nutritious intake for the body to combat against the virus. One of the easiest way to prevent the sniffles to conquer you is to drink lots of liquids, water and fresh juices. Take vitamin C also if you can. Sleep at the right time also helps. A proper rest and right intakes during this season can overcome the sniffle easily without any hurdle.

For some who have already caught the bug, nurse oneself back to health by getting lots of rest and drink plenty of liquids. If you have a fever take Panadol if not, then go to the hospital and get yourself checked. Get well and stay healthy everyone!

Doctor's appointment

Get active

My friends at the gym

My friends at the gym

I recently joined gym for the first time in my life. In the past I have been active in school. I was part of the track team and badminton team in my school. However after graduating from school, I also stopped being active. I have to admit I thought I didn’t need it as I know my body well. After joining the gym, clearly I do not know my body well. I tell my body to work out more yet it yells at me no!

In my shoes

Ready for the gym

As we get older our bodies become much harder to maintain and that is why moving is important. Any daily movement is useful as long as you don’t end up as a couch potato the whole day. In our generation we live in a fast paced life where we are distracted by the multiple screens that take over our lives that we forget to stop and reflect whether we have walked enough or even forget whether what we ate was right for our body.

Zooza salad from Zaatar w Zeit, my fave

Zooza salad from Zaatar w Zeit, my fave

I have learned that whatever we eat should be useful to us. If we eat more, we should do more movements. I am not going to say exercise as even as simple as walking is already an exercise. Cleaning the house, doing the laundry also involves multiple movements. Therefore multiple movements is a better way of calling it.

Another favorite from Tony Romas

Another favorite from Tony Romas

We all take for granted when we used to live with our parents, our mom does everything. Come to think of it, she is better than any superhero. She cooks, cleans and goes to work. And oh yes don’t forget the PTA’s (parent teachers meetings). I grew up in an Asian family therefore doing chores was a must. It was something that kept us motivated to get the chance to watch our own tv shows. If we did not finish our homework and do our chores on time, we won’t have the chance to get hold of the remote to choose the channel. Yes, it was easier back then as there was only one screen, the TV.

Fitness First bag

Fitness First bag

Living in Dubai, time is crucial. It goes by really fast. Therefore utilizing to keep oneself busy is important. Just make sure to eat right and do daily multiple movements. If you can’t do it then join the gym like I did. The gym I joined is Fitness First. There are also other gyms in Dubai so it’s entirely up to you. If you don’t like the gym then join some Zumba or Aerobic classes. There are also a lot of marathons that take place in the country where you can sign up to get active.

It’s only 5 mins, let’s wash to a new year


Do you agree with the poster? Well I do. However I’m as guilty as everyone else in the world for getting take out food at times and have the food packed. What about the number of parties where we rushed to the stores to buy plastic cups, forks, spoons and plates? Yes, guilty! It is true that buying the plastic utensils are cheaper and easier to clean up after a party, however it’s not biodegradable. There are other disposable utensils made out of wood. There are more expensive but they are biodegradable. I tried buying them for a party once, however, one pack is not enough. Best solution though is to use our own utensils. Wash, wash, wash right after. The poster is right, it only takes 5 minutes to wash your own utensils after a meal. Bring home cooked meal for lunch to work or school, with a lunch box. It saves money and better for the environment. Small actions as these do count, you get to plan what to eat (great way to start a good year with a healthier diet) and you also get to save money.


What is real pain? Emotional pain or physical pain? Is it better to get physically hurt or get hurt emotionally inside? What would you do if you find out that you have a serious illness that neither you or anyone you know can do anything about it but just wait for further results? That is pain. Novels always portray the best stories as they always have definite endings. It’s either a bad ending or a good ending. Even the bad endings have a good side to it. Life isn’t like the novel stories where you can just rip parts of the pages from your life and fill it up with colorful stories in it. They say that what you do not know can’t hurt you, I disagree. There are a lot of people who are suffering a lot of pain physically and emotionally without knowing why. They know what pain is.

Flightless bird with no wings and air. Trapped in a solitude. Time is all you can rely on, do not despair.

Hitting Puberty

When I first read this article, I actually agree. It is right that at the of 10 years old, a girl is too old for Barbie and too young for Britney. I went through the same thing, confusion. That was the time when puberty was about to hit our life. I’m happy that there are websites and places for young teen girls to not be left alone and not be afraid to grow up. It’s always best for anyone even for boys to be guided properly on how to grow up. Once teens are about to hit puberty, they usually stay quiet and keep things to themselves. I went through the same thing too. There are many things for them to do too. Other then having websites to go to, they can also go and do some recreational activities to mingle with people around their age (people who can understand them, who are going through the same things as they are). I admire for the success of this girl in the article I read (link below). She had a rough time and decided to do something about it for future ladies to come. I admire it a lot!

Teen Creates Safe Place for Girls & Makes Millions

Ten Rules About Men That All Women Should Know By the Time We’re Thirty (via Gooseberry Bush)

All 10 are so true and I believe that all ladies should at least get to know around them!

Ten Rules About Men That All Women Should Know By the Time We’re Thirty Men and women are fundamentally different. These differences are undeniable and biological and extend beyond the merely physical ones. To be sure, there are cultural factors at work, as well, but the differences between men and women can’t be explained as being merely the byproduct of social conditioning. Men are emotional creatures. Just because they aren’t always talking about their feelings doesn’t mean that they don’t have them. In fact, they … Read More

via Gooseberry Bush