Hot and heat in UAE

Living in the Middle East for almost half of my life, I still struggle with the heat each day and how hot it gets each day here during summer. It showed 49 and 50 degrees celsius on my car thermometer the other day, phew!

hot-sun-picRecently, I saw a video of a man cooking an egg on a pavement. I don’t know where it originated from but as I was watching it I knew I was the egg in that video, no kidding. I placed a chocolate bar in my bag last week and by the time I reached home, the chocolate bar was not a bar anymore but a hot soup. Had to rush it to the fridge and also for me, to grab an ice cold drink.

One of the stories I wrote this week was informing people that this heat will not go anytime soon as it still has one more month to go. July and August are the hottest months in the country based on historical records from the weather bureau here.


Preventing from getting dehydrated, I followed my dad’s instruction to drink Pocari Sweat everyday or every other day. I have a long history of getting dehydrated easily and yet I decided to stay in the Middle East where it is almost hot all year round. Water is not enough. I drink a lot each day and I literally felt like the sun sucking out the water out of me even if it was just a few meters walk from my car to the office or to the venue.

Wish me luck for another hot month of August! I hope the heat sucks out my fats out rather than the water from my body. Don’t forget to drink up this summer everyone! Stay hydrated. #wheninUAE #UAEsummer


Informed by accepted lies

Informing people and relaying information to the community is vital. In a world of social media, where everyone can play a role through a post of a simple word or a photograph, it can also become toxic at times too. You will end up in a tunnel of information overload where the truth has become a dirty lie and the lie has become the accepted truth.


Sometimes the truth can be hard to accept; that is why some have decided to mask it through fabricated or sensationalized accepted lies. It is hard to say that the truth still prevails despite the fact that we can easily get connected through social media.


Don’t believe everything you read online right away. Always double check. Personally, I prefer newspapers as they get printed and are used as archives later on in the future as reference of what happened in the past. Many of the researchers go to the libraries to flip through archived old newspapers.



Growing up, we learn to express through different mediums and one of them is through writing. I have grown to love writing my thoughts down on any paper I could find. As time passed, I have learned to pen down my words to typing my words on a computer. It can be said like a journal or a diary at first. Eventually, I now write other people’s words.

Words are very powerful. A video was once shared to me that a word or two words can make a huge difference in one’s life. Uttering the right words to someone can be life changing for the better or worse. Whenever I meet someone new for the first time, I always tell myself to let them express and listen to the words they have chosen to describe in their sentences.

Now that I write other people’s words, I always try to understand the person first to be able to paint their life story or emotions. They may use similar words when describing their experiences but the emotions and message behind each word can mean different from each other.

Many have come up to me saying thank you for writing this story or that story, you really captured what I was talking about or your story had helped motivate me to do something life changing. I always feel very honored to be able to project and share the many stories that have been shared with me. Some are very beautiful and inspiring while some can be very sad, left me teary-eyed.

Words are very powerful and I did not realize that until I started writing other people’s words. My whole life, I started writing down my own words, my own feelings. I will continue to write other people’s words as much as I can, especially those who feels that they do not have words to express or a voice to shout how they feel.