Mid 2016

Nearly finishing the first half of the year 2016, a lot of political and economical changes have happened or are about to happen. In Philippines, Rodrigo Duterte will officially take his oath as the new President of the Philippines on Thursday, June 30 after winning the elections on May 9.


Last week, United Kingdom voted to leave the European Union (#Brexit) while the final episode of Season 6 for Game of Thrones revealed a lot of new story lines – theories became a reality, a pure joy for GoT fans = ME!


Although GoT is pure fiction, the characters and story lines are reflective of our current society. Multiple actions done throughout the show, some may call bloody, are actually similar to the current political arena. The show is just more fun because they have dragons! Who doesn’t want dragons, right?


Following the news, as it is part of my job and what I like to do, I feel nauseous reading or watching the stories that are being reported. A friend of mine told me earlier that she wished that news were only good news or at least less bad news. I sometimes wish the same too but without bad there will be no good – Yin and Yang philosophy.


The most positive people in the world would have to be kids and I do wish at times that I can be a kid again where I do not need to know how much negativity the world has. However, that’s impossible so I always remind myself to look at the bright side when I am down. Always think happy thoughts, my life mantra.


One more year to go for the next GoT season – I surely can’t wait!



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