Sad news

As I put my bags down from work today, I was shocked to receive unfortunate news. Baby Raimi, the baby who was suffering from Biliary Atresia that I featured a few issues ago on our paper has passed away. I received confirmation from his father Ramil moments ago.


For the past few events, Ramil together with his sister had been given a chance to sell t-shirts for Baby Raimi. They were there for OPM Hitmen, Andrew E and The New Salbakuta, and World Vision with the help of Ms. Vagelyn Federico.


I had personally purchased a couple of shirts from them to help. They did say that having Baby Raimi be featured on the newspaper had already helped them a lot too which the Sencio couple are very grateful for.


I may not have met Baby Raimi personally but through his loved ones, I have become attached to his story. I did not expect to be emotional as I am right now. My sincerest condolences to the Sencio family.


May you rest in peace Baby Raimi.



Here is his story

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