My own thoughts on the refugee / migrant crises

I have been following the refugee crises or I would like to call it as migrant crises. Most of these people are innocent and did not want their own children, parents, wives, husbands, sisters and brothers to go through this difficult ordeal.

It is heartbreaking to read, hear and watch news reports about what they have been going through. Some have walked for months crossing one country to another. Some countries have welcomed them while some have not.

These people have been running away or in hiding since the conflict have started on 2011. If you run after them, I am sure they will not think twice but run due to what is conditioned in their minds, run for safety.

Many people do not realize that they are also just like us. I have put myself in their perspective and I too would have done the same thing that they are doing. Many of us have the luxury or the opportunity to choose to move to another country for a better life.

Imagine having no choice but to leave and drop the life you had before, it would be very difficult. Expats talk about being homesick and missing their own families back home in their homeland. That is sad too. However, imagine being homesick to a life and land you can not go back to right now, that’s heartbreaking.

I grew up traveling due to my parent’s nature of profession. I do admit being angry of my parents uprooting us from one place to another. I had to leave my friends behind, my LIFE. It was a choice that my parents made to help us have a better future.

However what I went through is nothing compared to the refugees. They did not have any other choice but to move out. They do not know where they want to go but do know moving away from their humble homeland is their best option right now.

When I grew up moving, I was confused at times why we were moving again and again, packing and unpacking our boxes. The children among the refugees have harder questions in their heads to fathom for sure.

I always wish for every single one of the refugees specially the children that they do not give up, that they do have a better tomorrow.

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