UAE fuel prices hiked starting 1st August 2015

Fuel prices in the UAE are raised recently this month. One of the main reason was to help boost the UAE economy and reduce the number or cars on the road. The price has risen at least 20% from its original price. If compared to other countries it is still cheaper than the other countries.

Source from Khaleej Times

Source from Khaleej Times

However, the UAE Ministry of Energy announced that they will be revising the prices every month. The prices will not be fixed anymore as how it was in the past.

On 31st July 2015, lots of cars lined up to the petrol stations to fill up their tanks. For some, a difference of 10 dirhams to 15 dirhams when filling their tank full does matter. Imagine having to fill up on average of around 50 dirhams per week for a saloon sized car. With the new price, it will now be around 60 to 75 dirhams per week.

Source from UAE Ministry of Energy website

Source from UAE Ministry of Energy website

Reducing the number of cars on the road will be good as public transportations are available. However, different Emirate have different public transportations. In Dubai, it will make sense as public transport is more accessible and convenient. The train stations and bus stations are connected.

I do hope that this system will work and benefit for the better of the UAE economy properly. Dubai Expo 2020 is coming up so Dubai needs a lot of work to be ready for the Expo.

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