Video technology – 360 degree virtual reality

Recently a music video was released by Fort Minor (seen below), a project by Mike Shinoda who is a member from Grammy winning band Linkin Park. He together with Uprising Creative, used a special camera to record 360 degree in virtual reality. The video only works on a Google Chrome browser and a YouTube app.

While watching the video, you will feel immersed in the video, as if you are the person behind the camera. The debate of selective shot on screen can now be answered with this new technology. Imagine watching news and you get to decide which shot you would like to watch.

Other than news, silver screens using this technology will be mind blowing. However, the silver screens are currently focused with 3D technology. This technology with broadcast will be an advantage, choosing the shot you would want to see on your screen. Smart televisions are becoming popular and in the near future these smart televisions are going to become “smarter” with new features.

We are in the information age with multiple screens. Our televisions, laptops, smart phones are just some to name some. Everyone can now choose which screen they would like to use to watch their news or to watch their favourite shows. The 360 degree virtual reality may be an old technology around early 2000s as I have learned through research, it is the first time YouTube has enabled this type of video to be played on their website.

This technology is a great leap in the video community. With this technology, new ideas are going to pop up on how to use it in the media industry. The video below is an example from the entertainment industry. Broadcast and silver screens might come next in the future.

“This 360 Version requires Google Chrome or the YouTube App on Mobile.

Produced by The Uprising Creative (
Directed by Jeff Nicholas

It’s been nearly ten years since artist and producer Mike Shinoda – founder of Linkin Park – released “The Rising Tied,” the debut studio album from his solo project, Fort Minor. Inspired by his unforgettable experiences over the past decade and the artist within, Mike has just released a brand new Fort Minor song and video titled, “Welcome.” Among the world’s first 360-degree virtual reality (VR) music videos, Shinoda and his collaborators at The Uprising Creative in LA joined forces to fully leverage the power of VR. The result is a unique experience set in Venice Beach where everyone is invited.”

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