Natural calamities

Over the past few days, devastating news have been headlining the social media spheres and TV screens. The Chile’s Calbuco volcano eruptions and the Nepal earthquake. Whenever there is a national calamity, I always get emotional. Coming from the Philippines, we get typhoons and earthquakes every year.

I have seen lots of pictures and videos being shared around social media sites. For me I did not want to. It just breaks my heart to see the destruction and it just makes me more emotional. I can just imagine the effects this will have on the young children who have become orphans or parents that have lost their kids. Families are torn or separated due to this devastation.

I am glad that the United Arab Emirates did send help to Nepal and areas near Nepal like the neighboring countries India. All I can say is hope that everyone who survived to stay strong and for those who are still looking for their loved ones, don’t give up. #PrayforNepal #PrayforChile

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