#Hashtag trending challenges

Social media is a very fast paced and easy tool. Most teenagers in this generation.have their smartphones glued to their hands, it is like an extension or part of their bodies.


Recently, lots of awareness of certain issues are being addressed with the help of social media like the Ice Bucket challenge which is for a good cause. However, there are also weird challenges being made that are trending online like the Kylie Jenner challenge. People all over the internet are asked to post their experience after trying to imitate the lips of Kylie Jenner.


Just to give you an idea, you basically take a circular shape like a bottle cap big enough to cover your lips and suck the air in, let it stay there for a few seconds and then pull it out. The end result is you get thicker, pouty lips. Not everyone get the right results and they end up looking like a duck.


If this challenge can become a trend, why can’t other more meaningful hashtags online aren’t. Today it was Women in the World conference. They had the hashtag #WITW and I found myself seeing only a few posts of it. The Kylie Jenner challenge still had more.


For me I love social media. It allows me to get massive information like a fire hydrant in one area. However, getting sprayed like a fire hydrant of information is also overwhelming and at times frustrating to get the right information you want. Trying to fill up a glass of water from a spraying fire hydrant is a challenge and I think that’s what we face everyday in social media.


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