Global passport

As I was going through my Twitter feeds, one thing stood out from all the news headlines all over the world. The different posts about which passport is the most powerful in the world. What do they mean by powerful? I am confused. They make a list (according to their liking), which one is the most “powerful”. I think the word “powerful” is overrated. They should have used influential or friendliest. The criteria they always mention is how many countries each passport can have a visa free entry.


You will be surprised that the most influential passports can also be sometimes political and dangerous. That’s why I would rather go to the most friendliest passport. Some of these countries are not on the headlines so much but have a good reputation to have multiple countries of visa free entries. There are also countries that allow their citizens to have a dual citizenship. They can keep their old passport while getting a new one. Therefore they will have two citizenships, two passports.


Emirates Airlines A380s at Dubai Intl Airport

Emirates Airlines A380s at Dubai Intl Airport


Yes the world is becoming a smaller place. Is it a good thing though? Whenever it’s a good thing, there’s always a disadvantage to it too. I am not against having dual citizenship but it does cause confusion of how many people we have in each country. One person will be counted twice for world population which will then reflect our world population to be double.


However the double in numbers also compensate for the people that are not registered. There are so many people in the world that are not registered due to many factors. I was reading an article about whether the poor is not really that poor anymore. It mentioned that how can we call people who say they don’t have roof over their heads, food to eat but has a smartphone in their hands. They are active on Facebook for example.


There are thousands of people traveling every single day, transiting from one country to another for business or personal reasons. We as a society have always been travelers and now we just travel faster with planes and high speeding trains. In fact a new speeding record has been set in Japan by the Maglev Train at 375 miles per hour sustained for 11 seconds. The previous record was 373 miles per hour by the same train.


Japan's Magley Train

Japan’s Maglev Train


The world is getting smaller as we reach places faster, multiple visa free entries (depending on the type of passport) and for multiple citizenships. I feel it is great that we as a society are able to reach this feat. We are able to understand each other better and learn from each other faster through technology and innovation.

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