11th Dubai International Film Festival 2014

This year the Dubai International Film Festival is in its 11th edition. Countless stars have been reported to attend the festival and more Arab films have been submitted from all over the world. Hollywood star Emily Blunt to famous comedian Wonho Chung walked the red carpet. For the first time this year, films in DIFF are now recognized by the Oscar Academy. That means films that are played in DIFF now have a chance to be nominated in Oscars.

I attended the festival this year and the movie that I was most excited about was Emirati filmmaker, Ali F. Mostafa’s From A to B. I don’t want to give anything away as I have already watched it. It was filled with drama all the way to comedy. It was very easy to relate to the actors in the film, specially if you are from the Gulf or grew up in the Gulf. It touched sensitive topics just enough to allow the audience to reflect.

Here is the trailer of From A to B. Enjoy! Make sure to watch it when it officially comes out in the cinemas next month. I surely enjoyed it and I’m sure you will too.

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