It’s time for an uncomfortable conversation … | The National

I read this article and liked it. Sex education has always been hushed in many countries, usually Asian countries. In Western countries, they have sex ed in their school curriculum. If you think about it statistically, there are higher number of people who have STDs in countries where they do not have sex ed. There are also people who have it in countries that have sex ed but they are at a lower number. I think the best way to approach the topic is through science and it should be done by experts, real doctors who can explain the consequences in detail without any hesitation.

In my old school in Singapore, they introduced us about puberty at 6th grade although some of the girls already hit it, it was useful as not many of them were aware of the reason behind having their menstrual cycle and etc. They had doctors and nurses at our school to explain to us. It wasn’t just for girls, they also let the boys be present for the talk. Their reason was so that they will know what to do once they have wives and daughters.

It is a good idea to have things like these done however implementing it would be very difficult as not everyone would adhere to it. Cultures would clash of the idea. At the end of the day if you face a problem regarding your menstrual cycle or etc, you will still end up going to the doctor for a check up. It’s better to let the experts explain it to us at a younger age around 12 like I was so that the attitude towards sex wouldn’t be so ignorant. The less you know about something the more ignorant you get. Gaining the right knowledge from the experts is better than gaining wrong information from hear-says. Prevent and protect before it is too late.

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