Christmas is looming in Cebu!!! Keep calm and Uke On

The ukelele store is owned by a friend and feel proud to have a blogger talk about him and his store. If you are in Cebu, Philippines do check it out.

Estelea's Blog

Meet with Brian, the inspiring founder of Huni Ukuleles

If for the rest of the world Santa is coming in 2 months, in the Philippines it is tomorrow! With Christmas carols heard as early as September, I already feel under an intense shopping pressure.

No plastic crap made in China, hyperactive electronic toy nor materialistic Barbie for us. If I start shopping so early, it’s because I am looking for something special. My criteria: organic, unique and 100% locally made. Last but not least, I want to know who made it and under what conditions.

All checked in UkeCebuUkuleleStore . Meet with Brian Brusas (a.k.a. SYO NGEE), the inspiring founder of the brand, ukulele aficionado and self made artist!playinglr

Ukulele store is the child of a love story. One of those stories that make you take the extra mile, go far beyond your boundaries. And when you have settled down with the…

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