When neuroscience meet education

One of the perks of doing my projects is that I get to learn new things throughout the experience. The topic in my recent project was Neuroeducation. Yes, even I did not know what it was. However neuro meant it had to do something with the brain. It was a very interesting topic. While I was doing my research it had massive of information which was hard to fathom.

When I got to the centre where the talent I had interviewed works, I understood it better. My own definition of neuroeducation would be, understanding or observing the mind to enhance it. In the centre their students range from kids all the way to adults. They go there for different purposes. Some due to their condition while others to get the best out of their brain.

Their teaching methods are very useful and should have been applied to schools when I was still in school. Let’s face it, our schools are still stuck in the industrial age. The students have to take standardized tests to pass and are expected to graduate from high school with the right amount of knowledge and skills to get started to working life. The schools are like a mass production line where the students are the products.

Every person has different levels of intellect. Some are better with numbers while others with words. Neuroeducation is definitely a great approach to utilize in schools. If Neuroeducation was used during my school years, I would have done better in school. Kids would not be committing suicide for not passing their standardized tests. Every person is created differently and schools should be a place to help develop their bests rather than limiting them to who they can become.

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