Baby cured of HIV for the first time

Baby cured of HIV for the first time


I read this particular article that a baby in Mississippi was cured of HIV as an infant. The doctors and researchers were astonished themselves too. This is a good sign as there are a lot of innocent babies who are born HIV positive every year, all over the world. If cure is found, it does not mean that it’s okay for people to continue their habits of retrieving the disease. We too must prevent these diseases from occurring through proper sex education, not just in schools but also for adults. There are a lot of couples all over the world who do not receive education. Therefore couples, young or old, should also educate themselves about the disadvantages of having multiple partners and habits that would lead to transmitting the disease. We hope that AIDS/HIV positive individuals will decrease in numbers and in the long run, disappear. It’s long shot however, there is nothing wrong in dreaming for it.

While the tests have detected an occasional “signal” of the virus, the various analyses from several labs using different techniques “confirms to us that this is a case of ‘functional cure,’ meaning that the virus hasn’t rebounded and that…we can’t detect virus activity in this child,” Dr. Persaud said. The work also was supported by the NIH.


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