It’s only 5 mins, let’s wash to a new year


Do you agree with the poster? Well I do. However I’m as guilty as everyone else in the world for getting take out food at times and have the food packed. What about the number of parties where we rushed to the stores to buy plastic cups, forks, spoons and plates? Yes, guilty! It is true that buying the plastic utensils are cheaper and easier to clean up after a party, however it’s not biodegradable. There are other disposable utensils made out of wood. There are more expensive but they are biodegradable. I tried buying them for a party once, however, one pack is not enough. Best solution though is to use our own utensils. Wash, wash, wash right after. The poster is right, it only takes 5 minutes to wash your own utensils after a meal. Bring home cooked meal for lunch to work or school, with a lunch box. It saves money and better for the environment. Small actions as these do count, you get to plan what to eat (great way to start a good year with a healthier diet) and you also get to save money.

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