Summer blues…

Summer is here! Summer is about fun, beach, laugh, loud, etc. What about you? What do you think when you are asked about what summer means. Oh I know! It’s when tons of tourists rush and flock to the beaches just to get a tan. Getting a tan in the summer is a must – don’t we all ladies? Guilty!

Getting the summer blues? Go to YouTube and search for Zumba workout and you’ll be hooked for the rest of the summer. Summer has gone up to the next level – literally! Turning on the fan doesn’t seem to work at all. You perspire profusely and you get out of breath.  Well, that’s because we’re living in the city. We need more trees! Save the trees! Stop cutting them!

What else shall we do this summer? Blow blow those blues away! Summer isn’t about being blue, it’s about shining out! Happy Summer everyone!

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