Happy Holidays

December is finally here – it’s only 11 days left ’till Christmas day! I am so excited! Today I was just out shopping for my Christmas gifts. The malls were filled with Christmas decorations, not much of the Christmas songs as I’m living in the Middle East, but the atmosphere was fantastic.

Mommies and Daddies were shopping with their kids “Dear Santa” letters. I remembered how I used to write my own “Dear Santa” letter at the beginning of the December so that Santa could get my mail on time as post mail would take a month to reach Santa (my parents told me so).

Now shopping my own gifts for my loved ones, it makes me reminisce the times when I was younger and innocent where I still believed in Santa Claus with his working little Elves in the North Pole.

I love Christmas – the gifts, the tree and of course the annual family gathering after the Christmas Church mass. It’s just something that cannot be bought out of money. I’m so excited for this year’s celebration!

Good luck to all of us with the numerous Christmas preparations ahead of us. They are like a huge hurdle to take as it only happens once a year and are meant to be memorable. Happy Holiday everyone!


4 thoughts on “Happy Holidays

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