Divorce rises up

It’s been said that the most successful people in today’s society are the wedding planners and the divorce lawyers. Wherever you go, you would always bump into someone who is divorced. Some may look like they are just doing fine but deep inside, they are crying out for help. Most of the divorced women are taken good care of by their governments or by an organization that’s available in their country. However, these same organizations are not open to men. I just realized this while I was having a conversation with one of the guys in my screen class.

I met one guy who is a divorcee and he himself told me a couple of the struggles he had to go through as a single parent. His wife left him and his kid. He didn’t know what else to do but to overload himself with work. He couldn’t ask much help from other people around him as he didn’t want to show it, he decided to suck it up and move on.

According to The National newspaper, “Legal and social experts say strict visiting rules are denying children the chance to build proper relationships with both parents.” Divorce parents in the UAE aren’t given the same visiting rights as the standard international visiting rights. They’ve mentioned that the most affected victims throughout the failed marriages are the children – they grow up with parents that are not united. If the kid comes to a stage where he or she wants to talk about personal situations, he or she ends up going astray and look for something else or someone else to turn to. This can lead to following the wrong crowd, blinding the divorced couple of the exact whereabouts and doings their children are capable of.

Having couple’s therapy is also needed – specially for a divorced couple. They also need to consult a family therapy. Though the mother and father have undergone splitsville, the foundation for making “a family” for the children is very important. If both parties have moved on with new lovers, bring them along to the family’s therapy too. There are families who ended up growing closer even though the main cause of bringing them together was through a divorce.

It’s how the parents show their sincere intentions of being a true parent that counts for a kid. Going to school, kids would want to feel the same love as they see from their friend’s parents. It’s a challenge if it’s a single parent, however, trying is more than enough as kids are not dumb. If they see that their single mom or dad at least try to be both the mom and the dad for him or her, they will love them more than ever.


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