Unclean H2O = price of someone’s life

Water or H2O is one of the basic necessities a human being needs to survive. However, our society has come to an age where we tend to forget how precious water is to us. In certain countries, where water is limited, people struggle just to get a drop of water drip slowly into their mouth.Β Just try imagining being in their position where there is no water to drink or to clean oneself for a day, a month or years.

Water.org is an organization that assists these basic needs for them. They have dedicated people who run the numerous projects being done in countries like India, Ghana, etc., where clean water is scarce. A lot of kids born into these kind of environment gets waterborne diseases and complications due to their surroundings. They can’t prevent these as they are just living to survive. Clean water is running out. Bottled water industry have grown so much by commercializing something that should not have a high fixed price on – water should be easily accessible to everyone, with or without money.

Here’s how the water industry works with their top selling product – Bottled Water. (2010, storyofus.org)

2 thoughts on “Unclean H2O = price of someone’s life

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