Revolution of TV

Today in Screen class, we were discussing about how television have become interactive. The advertisements were extensively polished to “suit” our society’s “interests”. Of course when the television was first introduced, everyone believed everything that came out from that photo-moving box. It was something that was new, hot and fresh – in other words, no one was able to spot the manipulative performance (the real intention) of the show being aired.


When The Brady Bunch show premiered, everyone was fascinated by it as it handled certain “tabooed” topics that were usually hushed away in a very good manner. However, beneath all that was a subconscious real message in the show. They show how family of that big of a size are picture perfect but has a huge chip on their shoulders. This was supposed to be a reflection of the society at that time. However, not everyone during that time were picture perfect. Not all women were always dressed up in a certain way and behaved in a certain way that The Brady Bunch showed. In other words, the producers at that time only had one target audience in their minds – mass audience. They didn’t care about the niche audiences that could be watching and end up perceiving their ideology in their shows in a whole different angle.


At our present time, we have so much channels to choose from. At times, two shows that we would like to watch are playing at the same time. It even has gone to an extent where we are able to record our shows just by a click from the remote so that we won’t be able to miss an episode of any of our shows. Interesting isn’t it? That’s how revolutionary television has taken us this far.


Is television an essential part of your daily life? How far has it taken you?

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