What is Respect?

Respect is a very common word that a lot of people forget what it really means. It is a very delicate word. One would need the right mind and the right situation to know when to use it. “Be respectful towards your elders” – these are the words from my own mother. She was the one person who would always tell me to be respectful to anyone who’s older than me, regardless of the situation. As I grew up, I realised she just wanted me to learn to not hold on to stupid grudges against anyone who would hurt me emotionally and physically.


Going to a working environment, everyone knows that all the employees have to respect their boss or else their jobs are on the line. What if someone who you do not know at all disrespects you and your own family out of his own egoistic judgement – say someone who is a racist or a person who looks at certain people as dirt, would you still respect this particular person? There is a line between being sincerely rude and cooperatively plastic. Those pair of words don’t seem to look good together, don’t you think?


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