iPod allowed in exams?

Never have I ever heard of such a silly story. What has this world come to? Apparently, a girl was allowed to have her iPod with her as she can’t concentrate without her iPod plugged to her ears. I find it ridiculous that her own parents stood by her side for this. I understand that some people (like me) can’t concentrate properly without music in the background. However, the essence of exams shouldn’t be changed. It’s unfair how the Board of Education allowed this to happen. Now I am able to concentrate without music, specially during exams. However I still held on to put the music on while studying. Studying is different from writing the exam. I use the songs to remember the formulas that I needed to remember during the exams – in my head of course. Most probably, this is what the girl is doing. That’s why she needs her iPod. However it’s somewhat unfair to the rest of the students sitting the same exam. She was allowed to get special treatment while everyone else were to follow the norm of sitting the exams. How about you? What do you think? Do you think this girl deserved to get a special treatment from the Board of Education?

A poll was made at sodahead.com asking whether students listen to music while studying. Here are theΒ results.

Read more hereΒ for the full story of what exactly happened.

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