Botox at 8 years old?!

I checked over my mail today and I read through a post by a fellow blogger Michael G. titled “Injecting Botox Into Children Should Be A Criminal Offense”. Read more here. I was very appalled to watch the video he inserted into his post. It was about this mother who wasn’t ashamed to let the world know that she injected Botox into her own 8 year old kid. She is only 8! I’m still in shock. Medically it is very wrong to inject Botox into a very young girl. She is still growing. Her cells are still growing and with Botox in her body now, it can create complications for her when she starts growing. I don’t know how the world has turn to these days. What about you? What do you think? Do you think it is a crime? For me I just think it’s mentally sick. The mother needs guidance herself.


3 thoughts on “Botox at 8 years old?!

  1. I know a 19 year old boy whose mother pinched botox from work and regularly injects HIM with it so he doesn’t have lines on his face.
    this is the same lady who cannot deal with the fact that her son is feminine. I just dont get some peoples way of thinking

    • Oh my gosh that is so sad! I don’t understand why mothers who are supposed to be the protectors of their kids have become crazy. I know a lot of men who are not just feminine, they’re plain gay. However they do not think of changing oneself in any other way. They do not cross dress but are just attracted to guys. They told me that they accept how they are and are happy of what God has given them, which is good. Some of their parents neglect while others have parents who love them for who they are. Growing up, my mother always tells me to never think that I’m ugly ’cause it would hurt her. I asked her why and she said because she carried me for 9 months. Basically I’m partly her, so if I say that I’m ugly then I’m also saying she’s ugly. We always laugh whenever she tells me this.

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