Facebook Era

As an avid Facebook user, I admit being addicted to some of the games available in it. Famous board games like Monopoly has now used Facebook as a platform for us to play. I enjoy it a lot as I have always loved the game. However I personally do not like wasting my time on it. I try my best to stop myself. There has been a lot of cases where mothers who are addicted to playing Facebook games ends up forgetting their babies. There are too many to discuss which one. A good example is this mother in Colorado. Her baby died while she was playing a Facebook game. It’s not very good to hear this kind of stories. What has this world come to? A lot of people still ask whether Social Networking sites like Facebook is really a useful tool or something that just makes us more lazy. One of the first things that people complain why their kids would not go out and play is TV or computer games. We have come to the age where it’s the Internet – Facebook to be more specific. Even older people like my own dad uses it and gets addicted to it. Everything is there that’s why. You get to keep in contact with everyone you all over the world. Facebook at present is the biggest tool for Globalization. A lot of companies use Facebook to promote their business. It’s easy and free! Game owners earn a lot from Facebook. Addict gamers use their credit card to swipe and continue their games. Online shopping can now also be done through Facebook. I don’t know what it lacks now. It has almost everything that a normal person would need. He or she would not need to go to another site and create a new account in a new website and remember a new username and password. I admit too that in the past I have made a lot of accounts that I don’t remember anymore. We’ve come to an era where Facebook revolves around us. People have used Facebook as a verb now – “I facebooked you the other day.” Before this, there was the Google era. Now people have overpassed it. Google now officially I think has become a verb in the dictionary.

This is what I found in my dictionary today (right picture). So it’s official that it is. Isn’t it funny? Well even I use that word everyday. What do you think of Facebook? Is it going to last or is it going to be just like the early Social Networking sites that are now unheard of now. You know which ones I’m talking about – Friendster, Hi5, Bebo, etc. Too much to say.

5 thoughts on “Facebook Era

  1. I completely agree. It’s absurd that we can do pretty much all daily activities through a click of a button and a tick of a box, or even a like of a photo.

    But I think that this one is here to stay. Increasing globalisation and modernisation of the internet and technology in general has sorted the wheat form the chaff in terms of social networking sites. Myspace, Bebo, Hi5, some have even adopted similar features to Facebook just as an attempt to get into the same league.

    Very interesting! 🙂

    • I haven’t been able to get back to my old accounts in Friendster and Hi5 as I have forgotten my passwords. I opened my MySpace and yes they have adopted similar features that Facebook have. It’s funny how one of the pioneering social networking sites is adapting features from a much younger social networking site – Facebook. It’s all about business after all 😛 However MySpace earns more of their profits from music profiles compared to Facebook. Facebook earns more on their outrageously addictive games 😀

  2. I used to be obsessed with Facebook. But I had to let go of it after flunking my Maths exam. And now, it just seems lame. I’m sure the Facebook craze is gonna fade away with time.

    • You are right, any craze will eventually fade with time. However, do you think Facebook will leave a mark in our society like how Google did? Up to this day, Google is still up to their game. Both may be targeting different audiences but Facebook at such a short time is already showing signs to follow Google’s footsteps. We’ll never know too. Technology is evolving every single second. With this, how we interact with the technologies around us and among each other is also evolving.

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