Recently I did a group presentation on Representation of Media. My group and I did it based on the movie “The Devil Wears Prada“. We decided to do our presentation by explaining our research through the four characters from the movie; Miranda Priestly, Emily Charleton, Andrea Sachs and Nigel. I enjoyed my presentation with my mates. Media surely can shape the person’s perceptions on things. We can only change these if we tell ourselves to do so; researching on them. There were other groups who did their presentations too. Their ideas were pretty good too. It’s nice to know what type of ideas and the effects of the media’s domination over our lives. I admit I hate reading thick textbooks unless it was something that was very interesting. Most of my books are in PDF formats and I prefer to read them on my laptop. I know this contradicts to the fact that I stated that real books are better than e-books but textbooks are different from novels. Novels are something that can never be replaced. I love the smell of the pages of a new novel. It’s rich and fresh! In our society with high-end technologies, we tend to depend too much on the sophisticated gadgets and forget the simple things in life. There has been a never ending discussion between who to rely more; the experienced presenter or the journalist who is witnessing the event. It’s a bit of both, I think. Nowadays, these two people have become one. With internet, you can get news in seconds. We have Twitter and YouTube and the list goes on. Another discussion comes to my head right now; the fight between the professionals and the amateurs in the media industry. With internet and sites like Twitter and YouTube, anyone can produce news. Personally I feel that there is a difference between the two. An amateur journalist does not have any credibility and his or her story can’t be referenced or relied. However I know a lot of amateur journalists who have more truth in their stories compared to the published news from the professional journalists. We may think that our society is open minded compared to the past, I disagree. We are still the same as not all of us feel 100% good to hear about certain topics that are at times raised. Therefore how each of us perceive anything from media depends on our background and upbringing. No matter how “open minded” we may think we are, we all are still defaulted to believe what’s been fed to us. Media feeds us what we know. How we know is from our upbringing and background.


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