Decline on Teen Pregnancies & Rise in Abortions

For many years, governments have been fighting so much against the rise of teen pregnancies. A lot of teen moms over the years successfully raised their own children themselves. Personally I would give my salute to these ladies who decided to keep their children rather than aborting them. Unborn babies are innocent and they are not to be blamed for our own wrongful doings. It’s normal and okay to accept the not-so-proud-doings we make in our lives. Over the years, many women have become very career minded that they themselves would not want to be pregnant of their own babies. They would hire a surrogate to carry their baby. I understand if the couple is not fertile enough to make one but to ask somebody else to carry your own baby is very selfish.

I know technology has helped us in a lot of ways but we shouldn’t be using it out of selfishness. My mom once told me that carrying a baby inside your womb, to giving birth and to raising the child is what labels these individuals to be “mothers”. Technology should just be the next option and not the only option to having babies. Various ladies have different reasons as to why they do not want to be pregnant for their own babies. Some say that they do not want to grow fat, others say that it takes time out from their beloved work or lifestyle which they do not want to change. Selfish reasons don’t you think?

Many independent ladies or gay couples have used technology to start their own family. I think it’s beautiful for them to turn to technology for this. According to my mom, becoming a parent is one of the most blissful moments that anyone could ever imagine. Different people would describe differently of what is and how to become a good parent. She said it’s something that just comes naturally once you’re carrying your own child for the first time. Media has helped evidently to the decline of teen pregnancies but I feel awful to know that there has been a rise in abortions too. Both should be not high at all. Reality shows have become one of the best tools to use in handling certain tabooed issues like teen pregnancies. Hope media continues to work on things like these rather than just high ratings for their shows.


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