“Ring”-ly Confused

I had an interesting dinner conversation with my man last night. We discussed which hand and finger is an engagement ring supposed to be worn on. He stated that engagement rings are always worn on the right hand, ring finger (fourth finger) as the wedding rings are worn on the left hand, ring finger. I told him that the engagement ring are worn on the left hand, ring finger. Where is it really supposed to be worn?


I decided to do a little research on my own and found out that the engagement ring is usually worn on the left hand, ring finger; only a few countries consider it to be worn on the right hand, ring finger. Then I later found out that there are pre-engagement rings or also known as promise rings; they are worn on the right hand, ring finger. Apparently it started out as friendship rings which eventually evolved throughout the years into promise rings between two teenage lovers. The rings they give to each other symbolizes a monogamous relationship. I didn’t know that a promise ring means a promise to a monogamous relationship. Is it really important to wear a ring to keep a promise to only date each other and no one else? I understand that a married couple or an engaged couple needs wedding rings and engagement rings as they have thought thoroughly of vowing to be together for the rest of their lives in front of the society, God, family and friends.

However I do somehow believe that promise rings are kind of good between two lovers. I always find it sweet to have a couple having promise rings to each other. I would say it’s like a preparation to getting to the stage of finding “the one” for you. Sometimes it doesn’t really have to be a promise ring, it can be a bracelet, necklace or a tattoo. A lot of people have already considered of having tattoo rings to go beyond the wedding rings. Is it really that important to show to the rest of the world how much one truly loves the other? I truly believe that what’s important is that you show your true feelings to the one you love and not necessarily in front of other people. It’s true that actions do speak louder than words but different people perceive messages differently. There are people who believe and fall in love instantly just by a text message or through an email. It is sweet somehow but I still believe the best gesture to express one’s feelings for the other is by showing it and saying it to him or her face to face literally.


Conclusion to this post; pre-engagement rings or promise rings are worn on the right hand, ringer finger while engagement rings and wedding rings are worn on the left hand, ring finger. I finally cleared my doubts.

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