E-Books vs Real Books

Due to this article (link) E-Books Better and Cheaper , it gave me an idea to write whether which of the two is better; e-books or real books.

Are e-books really better than the normal hard covered books? If you think about it, if a person had to bring four to five thick 3000 pages book everyday for a class it’s a troublesome. A lot of us must have gone through that already to finish up the project that’s due tomorrow. I know my parents did that at least. Having studied for a year in a media course, all of my resources were in digital format. All the required sources that we required were all in PDFs and the books that we needed were in e-book format. Not all books are allowed to be in e-book format of course but most of my resources for my researches were mainly in e-book. All I needed to bring with me anywhere was just my laptop. It’s so nice to walk out from my house without having to think whether I left a book behind or not. Now are e-books really cheaper? It’s true that when you buy books, you also need to buy a book shelf. More books, more book shelves needed. Soon your house will be the next community library. However though e-books are somewhat cheaper, technology is always evolving even at this very moment. People are trying to make it more sophisticated and handy. Now the latest e-book alternative is the iPad. It does more than just allowing the user to read articles or novels. One is able to watch movies, play games, you name it! I don’t have an iPad but it’s okay. I can live without it.

I’m in dilemma right now actually. I don’t know which one is better, the normal hard covered books or the sophisticated e-books. It’s hard to choose! In the past, reading was an entertainment. I know a lot of people still consider that but in majority not many are in favor of reading as a fun thing anymore. I used to love to read a lot! I would go to the public library and borrow four books for a week. I used to get so crazy over reading that I would even read while I’m walking. My own parents had to take my books away from me. Usually now, what’s taken away from kids are their mobile phones or their laptops. It’s funny how fast technology has taken over our lives and made many of the devices as parts of our bodies. Mobile phones has become a necessity for every one of all ages. They even got mobile phones designed for kids nowadays! I was so shocked when I found out.

I’ve chosen which one I would prefer now. I would still prefer hard covered books. I had a lot of good memories reading all the novels that I’ve read; Nancy Drew, Babysitters Club, classics like Wolf Fang, Little Women, Anne of Green Gables, etc. The last book I read was Dance With Wings by Amelia Carr. Yes, I’m a big sucker for romance. My ultimate favorite author is Nicholas Sparks. I collected all his books ’till three years ago. I don’t know what happened. I just stopped collecting. I was so obsessed with his stories and I would always wait for his new books all the time. E-books might be a better and eco-friendly alternative but reading with a normal book is worth more which can’t be overthrown by the innovative e-books that we have today.

3 thoughts on “E-Books vs Real Books

  1. I do believe real books are better. Scientifically, e-books need computers or iPads… and computers have this “blue-light” hazard, where eyes are slowly damaged because of the frequency of blue light. but in terms of convenience, iPads are rly good.

    • Yes true, it can make your eyes teary and painful. But true iPads are convenient in terms of portable and it can have more than just one book to read. I still love real books. I love the smell of the fresh books.

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