Finding “The One”

“What Tom and I have is an entirely different type of romance, where his pieces fits with my pieces just right” Lane Daniels (Hillary DuffBeauty and the Briefcase, 2010


That was my favorite line in the movie. I am such a sucker for romance. I easily melt when I see two people end up together at the end of the movie. In this movie, Hillary Duff stars as Lane Daniels, a fashion journalist who was given a shot to write a cover story for Cosmopolitan magazine. To complete the task, she had to go undercover and start dating guys in a Finance office. She was to find her Mr. Magic through dating the different guys along the way. Her undercover backfired eventually. It’s a good movie for all ladies at all ages. A lot of us ladies have a list of what we would want to find in our Mr. Right. I had my own list too. It’s so funny that I’m dating someone who doesn’t get at least half of the list that I made. However he’s been the longest guy I’ve ever dated in my life. He is the only guy who my parents liked a lot so far. It’s really funny how some things just come when you least expect them to come. I know there are so many movies like the one I mentioned but only a few of these kind of movies appeals to me, like this one.


I think it’s not a task to find “The One” in your life. I think it’s supposed to be an adventure where things just happens. It’s something that’s not planned yet it’s a destiny. I’m still in that stage of getting on with my life. I’m happy with my own life right now but again we’ll never know.


I remember in the movie He’s Just Not That Into You, Drew Barrymore‘s characters stated “What if you met your soul mate after you are already married? Are you supposed to let them pass you by or go after them?” Life is always full of surprises which we all at times take for granted. People forget all of these nowadays due to the fast paced lifestyle we all live in. Our civilization has evolved and revolutionized technologically , however, we all have forgotten to stop, breathe and look at the precious things in our lives. We all look for things that are already just under our noses. Wake up! Stop living in a bubble. Look around you, like literally. The things that you might have been asking for a long time might just have been with you all along!

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