Hitting Puberty

When I first read this article, I actually agree. It is right that at the of 10 years old, a girl is too old for Barbie and too young for Britney. I went through the same thing, confusion. That was the time when puberty was about to hit our life. I’m happy that there are websites and places for young teen girls to not be left alone and not be afraid to grow up. It’s always best for anyone even for boys to be guided properly on how to grow up. Once teens are about to hit puberty, they usually stay quiet and keep things to themselves. I went through the same thing too. There are many things for them to do too. Other then having websites to go to, they can also go and do some recreational activities to mingle with people around their age (people who can understand them, who are going through the same things as they are). I admire for the success of this girl in the article I read (link below). She had a rough time and decided to do something about it for future ladies to come. I admire it a lot!

Teen Creates Safe Place for Girls & Makes Millions

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