Life With Men

Love is an understatement. A lot of ladies always say after the first date, “He’s the one!” and then the next day, “I wished I never met him!” It’s always the same cycle. Is it always really? Then how do your own folks really do it? If we ask them they would always answer the same way, “You will just know. Trust me.” That’s what I got from my own mother. She told me that it’s something unexplainable yet exciting. Many of us seem to wonder what she really meant by that as it doesn’t make any sense to us. For a hopeless romantic like me, I always picture to be with someone who care for me emotionally and physically. Of course I think we all do. The reason that I decided to write this post is because an idea hit me when I finished watching the movie, How to Lose A Guy In Ten Days. It’s by Kate Hudson and the hot Matthew McConaughey. Yes I find him very hot too! I’ve come to realize that 7 out of 10 men would usually take out ladies ’cause of a betting with their fellow guys. It’s something that’s in their nature. What they do not know is that most women love being serenaded by a guy, either he was faking it or really into her. A normal lady loves a man who would find time to just listen to her. Not many men are like that these days. Now guys, don’t wonder why we ladies have a guy friend. No I’m not talking about gay friend. The guys that we talk to are straight guys. Most of these men usually have sisters in his family either he’s the only guy in the family or he’s close to his mother. These men respect ladies as they grew up with proper ladies around them.

They say that the best way to marry with is your own best friend. I kind of agree to this. My own grandparents have been married for 51 years now. I asked my grandmother one time how did she know that my grandfather was the one. She told me, “If he makes you laugh and listens, then he’s the one.” She is right. Come to think of it, if you plan to spend the rest of your life with someone, he has to be someone who wouldn’t mind listening to you talking about mid life crises at home or at work. It’s common sense I would say. I’m not married yet though but the thought scares me. I do want to in the future when the right time comes. My grandmother advised me that I shouldn’t think of it as the right guy will come at the right time and both of us will just know when our time would be. That’s what I plan to do. What about you? Do you agree?

One thought on “Life With Men

  1. I understand what you wrote in your post. And just to give an insight on real men…real men would never make a bet with their friends to go on a date, that’s a boy trying to find himself and/or prove a point or competing for his pals attention and brotherly attention not given by some male figure growing up earlier in life and now manifesting in the forms of false masculinity, machoism, and subtle low self-esteem.

    But I think it is great to be a “hopeful” romantic, not helpless (although I understand what you mean, we are what we say though πŸ™‚ ). I am one as well. I on the other hand am just focused on aspects of life that are taking presidence over being in a relationship because of a preference and drive for success prior to being involved…although it has taking some time to come to this realization, I have no regrets.

    Many men, are actually looking for this level of success, which to them is their security blanket. Most women, as I have seen, want to feel secure with the men they date, as well as wanted. Quite the opposite for most guys…guys want to feel successful (especially since a lot of guys have yet to truly know what it is like to be loved, hince the need to prove things…it’s more than pride… it actually fear).

    But all in all, I understand your post and it made me smile.

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