Social Taboo Norms

What’s the difference between a girl and a boy? The grade school teacher usually tells a seven year old student that a girl like to play dress up and loves flowers while a boy likes to play with toy cars and toy planes. This is the usual answer we usually get from our teachers if we look back to our grade school days. However what if the girl likes to play with toy cars and toy planes while the boy like to play dress up and loves flowers? For the young girl the society would usually just ignore it and would say that the young girl is going to grow up with a strong personality. For the young boy, society would despise the fact that a boy likes “girly” things. Is this fair? Is the society the reason to why many young kids grow up confused due to the dubbed accepted social norm?

Partly I would say yes to this. If you think about it, your grandparents would alway say that a mother should always encourage their kids to strive for whatever and whoever they want to be when they grow up. This is because this helps the kids to think properly and be more open about their feelings to their parents. Most gay kids are usually from very strict and narrow minded families. They expect their kids to grow up to how they want them to be. The kids end up isolating themselves as they do not know who to turn to when it times of confusion. Many kids turn gay, run away from home, become a teen parent or become suicidal. All of these are not just on movies, after all most movies are made from reality struggles.

Scientists have proven that most gays turn out the way they are due to their hormones being imbalance. Everyone has two types of sexual hormones,Estrogen (female hormone) and Testosterone (male hormone). Ladies usually have higher levels of Estrogen while men have higher levels of Testosterone. However there are some individuals who have the same amount of levels of both hormones. People do not understand this very fact is very true. It’s still hardly accepted in our society who we call the civilized society. Are we really? Come to think of it, some of us aren’t civilized mentally.

Teenager years are the toughest times of anyone’s lives. Teenage years are the best times of anyone’s lives. Which one would you pick? I would say it’s both. It’s the best time as it is on this time that we start doing something for ourselves to go for what we want in the future. Some of us work just so to save up to go to our favorite University, to buy our own car, or just to go shopping! Now the toughest part I would say is to have a peaceful conversation with our own folks. If we tell our parents that we would like to start working, some parents are excited while some get angry. They get angry as they feel that their kids are growing up too fast. They do not want them to move out anytime soon. Some parents get excited as they can’t wait to kick their own kids out of the house. All of these are true, it has happened to many of us.

Due to the laws, kids are now able to sue their own parents for financial reasons or whatsoever. I understand if the kid grew up physically or mentally abused then yes, the kid has the right to sue their own parents. However many kids nowadays take the advantage to sue or even kill their own family out of greed to get the money or power. I grew up having to move from one country to another, one culture to another. My parents made sure that we did not feel any uneasiness in our lives. They supported in whatever we wanted to do. Having travelled I was able to acquaint with people who went through problems due to social taboo norms or family taboo norms. A lot of them end up getting into more problems than to what they already had. Many of them say they purposely do things without thinking as they are already kicked out from the accepted society they live in anyway.

It’s heartbreaking to hear someone sobbing because their own family do not want to accept how they are and what they want to be. Family status is very important to many high profiled families. It’s not just about being royal or being a celebrity that has a status. Even the normal class families like most of us, have their own kind of status that they would like to keep. Some of it may be values yes of course but the rightful thinking of to implement the values the family treasures is something very different. Implementing is always the hard part. Most new parents always have a hard time disciplining their kids even at a young age. Imagine if they were older.

Many teenagers run away from home as they want to start a new life, like a refresh button on the internet browser. However they do not know that no matter how far they run away, their past would always still be there. This is why I truly believe that a proper relationship between parents and theirs kids is very important. Even at a young age, the parents should be able to communicate properly with their kids so that as they grow up, their kids will turn to them in times of confusion and troubles. It’s harder to implement this kind of relationship these days as our society is very money and career driven. Many feel that working hard at the office is the best way to keep a good relationship with their kids. They believe that they’re working hard for their kid’s future. However I disagree, parents should spend more time with their kids as much as they can as their kids one day will move out and try to be independent individuals. Watching them grow and be physically and emotionally part of their lives is priceless and cannot be bought with money.

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