Would you as an individual adopt a kid? There are many abandoned children in this world that end up in the wrong hands of people. Many of them end up in human trafficking and it is very sad as they do not know that they are being taken advantage of. Different countries have different laws when it comes to adoption. Ever since I was a young kid, I have always wanted to become a parent. I would pretend to be my doll’s parent and play house with them.


Reading through news headlines you will see children becoming orphans every single day. It is so sad that they have to go through so much devastation at a young age. Most of them would not even know where their parents would go or where they are right now. Wars, natural calamities are some of the reasons why children become orphans. Some of them may end up in the right home with the right family but not everyone is privileged to be chosen.


Our population is at millions and growing more in the coming years. I don’t understand why it is so difficult for many people to accept adopting a child. It has become a business, adoption is a business too unfortunately. I wish that people would not look at adoption as a headache or think that organizations can handle the orphans as there are donations funding them. Donating money to these organizations is not enough. Adopting one kid is always better. These organizations should only be a temporary home for these children. If one of us adopt one child, there will be less orphans in this world.




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Sniffles season

Sniffles season

It has been a few weeks now that a lot of people have caught the bug, the infamous sniffles. It is that time of the year again. However, this time many people have been hit so bad that they ended up getting to the hospital to be nursed back to health. Many doctors, general practitioners to be more precised, are probably reciting the same line each time a new patient enters their clinic. Why is the sniffles so easy to catch yet hard to beat?

One of the main reason is because everyone do not take the right amount of nutritious intake for the body to combat against the virus. One of the easiest way to prevent the sniffles to conquer you is to drink lots of liquids, water and fresh juices. Take vitamin C also if you can. Sleep at the right time also helps. A proper rest and right intakes during this season can overcome the sniffle easily without any hurdle.

For some who have already caught the bug, nurse oneself back to health by getting lots of rest and drink plenty of liquids. If you have a fever take Panadol if not, then go to the hospital and get yourself checked. Get well and stay healthy everyone!

Doctor's appointment

UAE Drones For Good

What drones can do

I recently had the privilege to attend UAE Drones For Good Awards. His Highness Sheikh Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Prime Minister and Vice President of UAE and Ruler of Dubai, launched a competition last year for drone makers or enthusiasts to present their best ideas for a drone to do. There were three categories: International, National and Government. Around 800 submissions were received. It was a two day event to highlight the semi finals all the way to the finals to award the winners in the end.

It was so fascinating to see so many ideas of what a drone can do, from agriculture to civil uses. The drones were first developed for military purposes and we all know how it is used during wars. They have reduced the risk of lives in the army. In the event that I attended, different shapes and sizes of drones were present. Each drone had its own ability to do a specific job. I wrote a feature story on it for my project. I also had pictures. I will share it once I have graduated which is later this year. For a sneak peak I’ll share two snaps at the event.

UAE Drones For Good

UAE Drones For Good - 1

Reading memories

Do you remember reading a book after lights out under the blanket with a flashlight? How about those times where you spend around an hour in the toilet because you wanted to finish one chapter? These were some of my memories that I cherished a lot. Here is a list of some books that saved my childhood.

Nancy drew

1. Nancy Drew books (the suspense and thrill was always my favourite part)

2. Babysitters club (friendship and dramas)

3. Chicken Soup for the Soul (it started with the teenage soul then to others)

4. Reader’s Digest (their feature stories were always interesting)

5. Some of Nicholas Sparks books (the notebook, a walk to remember, nights in rodanthe to name a few)


What about you? What are your top 5 list? Are your list similar to mine?

11th Dubai International Film Festival 2014

This year the Dubai International Film Festival is in its 11th edition. Countless stars have been reported to attend the festival and more Arab films have been submitted from all over the world. Hollywood star Emily Blunt to famous comedian Wonho Chung walked the red carpet. For the first time this year, films in DIFF are now recognized by the Oscar Academy. That means films that are played in DIFF now have a chance to be nominated in Oscars.

I attended the festival this year and the movie that I was most excited about was Emirati filmmaker, Ali F. Mostafa’s From A to B. I don’t want to give anything away as I have already watched it. It was filled with drama all the way to comedy. It was very easy to relate to the actors in the film, specially if you are from the Gulf or grew up in the Gulf. It touched sensitive topics just enough to allow the audience to reflect.

Here is the trailer of From A to B. Enjoy! Make sure to watch it when it officially comes out in the cinemas next month. I surely enjoyed it and I’m sure you will too.

Science Film Festival 2014 – Dubai

I grew up in Singapore as a kid and finding out that the Science Film Festival is going to take place in Dubai for the first time, I was ecstatic. I needed to cover this on one of my projects. The festival brought back a lot of my childhood memories when I was in Singapore where my school would send us to the Science Centre with the different festivals and activities taking place there. I covered the festival and enjoyed seeing the kids experiencing similarly as I did as a kid. Science is fun and through festivals like these kids will enjoy the subject more.

It’s time for an uncomfortable conversation … | The National

I read this article and liked it. Sex education has always been hushed in many countries, usually Asian countries. In Western countries, they have sex ed in their school curriculum. If you think about it statistically, there are higher number of people who have STDs in countries where they do not have sex ed. There are also people who have it in countries that have sex ed but they are at a lower number. I think the best way to approach the topic is through science and it should be done by experts, real doctors who can explain the consequences in detail without any hesitation.

In my old school in Singapore, they introduced us about puberty at 6th grade although some of the girls already hit it, it was useful as not many of them were aware of the reason behind having their menstrual cycle and etc. They had doctors and nurses at our school to explain to us. It wasn’t just for girls, they also let the boys be present for the talk. Their reason was so that they will know what to do once they have wives and daughters.

It is a good idea to have things like these done however implementing it would be very difficult as not everyone would adhere to it. Cultures would clash of the idea. At the end of the day if you face a problem regarding your menstrual cycle or etc, you will still end up going to the doctor for a check up. It’s better to let the experts explain it to us at a younger age around 12 like I was so that the attitude towards sex wouldn’t be so ignorant. The less you know about something the more ignorant you get. Gaining the right knowledge from the experts is better than gaining wrong information from hear-says. Prevent and protect before it is too late.

Christmas is looming in Cebu!!! Keep calm and Uke On


The ukelele store is owned by a friend and feel proud to have a blogger talk about him and his store. If you are in Cebu, Philippines do check it out.

Originally posted on Estelea's Blog:

Meet with Brian, the inspiring founder of Huni Ukuleles

If for the rest of the world Santa is coming in 2 months, in the Philippines it is tomorrow! With Christmas carols heard as early as September, I already feel under an intense shopping pressure.

No plastic crap made in China, hyperactive electronic toy nor materialistic Barbie for us. If I start shopping so early, it’s because I am looking for something special. My criteria: organic, unique and 100% locally made. Last but not least, I want to know who made it and under what conditions.

All checked in UkeCebuUkuleleStore . Meet with Brian Brusas (a.k.a. SYO NGEE), the inspiring founder of the brand, ukulele aficionado and self made artist!playinglr

Ukulele store is the child of a love story. One of those stories that make you take the extra mile, go far beyond your boundaries. And when you have settled down with the…

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