Death penalty still the norm?

I recently read this story

The Iranian woman was executed out of self defense. I was shocked however, is death penalty still the norm in our society. In many countries for example, in Philippines where the jails are over crowded I think death penalty is applicable to people who have really murdered someone out of selfish reasons.

In certain countries like the Philippines it is hard to implement this as the Catholic Church is very dominant in the country. However in many countries like Iran it is implemented well which are used to take advantage to execute innocent lives.

Is it morally wrong to say to give someone a death penalty in our society regardless whether he was really guilty or not? What are you thoughts. Personally for me it is a huge dilemma as different countries may find it useful.

What I have noticed is that countries that have death sentence have commonly stern Governments. People in those certain countries generally follow their Governments and are content with them. However in countries with no death sentences the Governments are generally not as strict and strong.

Do you think punishments like death penalty should be present in our society to maintain peace and order or do you feel it is not needed? What other ways do you think can be done to have peace and order in the country?

Photo Competition for young photographers, 13-17

At this year’s Science Film Festival, there is a photo competition for young photographers, 13-17 years.

This contest is open to all countries.

Topic: Future Technologies

First Prize: Canon 7D Camera Kit
Second Prize: Polaroid Camera
Third Prize: Camera Kit for Mobile Phones

To take part click here

Good luck everyone!

Get active

My friends at the gym

My friends at the gym

I recently joined gym for the first time in my life. In the past I have been active in school. I was part of the track team and badminton team in my school. However after graduating from school, I also stopped being active. I have to admit I thought I didn’t need it as I know my body well. After joining the gym, clearly I do not know my body well. I tell my body to work out more yet it yells at me no!

In my shoes

Ready for the gym

As we get older our bodies become much harder to maintain and that is why moving is important. Any daily movement is useful as long as you don’t end up as a couch potato the whole day. In our generation we live in a fast paced life where we are distracted by the multiple screens that take over our lives that we forget to stop and reflect whether we have walked enough or even forget whether what we ate was right for our body.

Zooza salad from Zaatar w Zeit, my fave

Zooza salad from Zaatar w Zeit, my fave

I have learned that whatever we eat should be useful to us. If we eat more, we should do more movements. I am not going to say exercise as even as simple as walking is already an exercise. Cleaning the house, doing the laundry also involves multiple movements. Therefore multiple movements is a better way of calling it.

Another favorite from Tony Romas

Another favorite from Tony Romas

We all take for granted when we used to live with our parents, our mom does everything. Come to think of it, she is better than any superhero. She cooks, cleans and goes to work. And oh yes don’t forget the PTA’s (parent teachers meetings). I grew up in an Asian family therefore doing chores was a must. It was something that kept us motivated to get the chance to watch our own tv shows. If we did not finish our homework and do our chores on time, we won’t have the chance to get hold of the remote to choose the channel. Yes, it was easier back then as there was only one screen, the TV.

Fitness First bag

Fitness First bag

Living in Dubai, time is crucial. It goes by really fast. Therefore utilizing to keep oneself busy is important. Just make sure to eat right and do daily multiple movements. If you can’t do it then join the gym like I did. The gym I joined is Fitness First. There are also other gyms in Dubai so it’s entirely up to you. If you don’t like the gym then join some Zumba or Aerobic classes. There are also a lot of marathons that take place in the country where you can sign up to get active.

When neuroscience meet education

One of the perks of doing my projects is that I get to learn new things throughout the experience. The topic in my recent project was Neuroeducation. Yes, even I did not know what it was. However neuro meant it had to do something with the brain. It was a very interesting topic. While I was doing my research it had massive of information which was hard to fathom.

When I got to the centre where the talent I had interviewed works, I understood it better. My own definition of neuroeducation would be, understanding or observing the mind to enhance it. In the centre their students range from kids all the way to adults. They go there for different purposes. Some due to their condition while others to get the best out of their brain.

Their teaching methods are very useful and should have been applied to schools when I was still in school. Let’s face it, our schools are still stuck in the industrial age. The students have to take standardized tests to pass and are expected to graduate from high school with the right amount of knowledge and skills to get started to working life. The schools are like a mass production line where the students are the products.

Every person has different levels of intellect. Some are better with numbers while others with words. Neuroeducation is definitely a great approach to utilize in schools. If Neuroeducation was used during my school years, I would have done better in school. Kids would not be committing suicide for not passing their standardized tests. Every person is created differently and schools should be a place to help develop their bests rather than limiting them to who they can become.

Radio for kids



Radio has always been a great entertainment to the public for a long time. With Disney and Nickelodeon radio stations coming up, kids as the target audiences have become very trendy. For the first time, UAE has it’s own kids radio station 102 fm, Pearl FM. Growing up I listen to a lot of radio and whenever there were songs or topics discussed by the radio hosts that are not suitable for my age, the radio station would always be changed by my parents. To see that there are kids radio stations in this age is amazing making the present kids luckier. To hear favorite pop songs to Disney movie songs like “A Whole New World” to “Reflections” is really breathtaking. Once I hear some of these songs, it takes me back to how I was when I was younger.

Like them at

Royal for a day


Dubai is well known to other parts of the world for having the best skyscrapers to cars. It’s most memorable landmark is the Burj Al Arab. Dubbed as the only 7 star hotel in the world, it opened in 1998 for being the most unique hotel at it’s time. It is famous for the 24 carat gold that are plastered everywhere, from light stands to toilet roll holder.


The hotel rooms shimmers with glamorous designs to extravagant accessories. Toilet accessories from Hermes and a complementary house wine for every room. Staying in the Burj Al Arab clearly states living in royalty.